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KAIROS TRAVEL, destination company in Trogir


In the ancient Greece, Kairos was the god of  happy moments. Similar but opposed to Chronos. Both are representing the concept of time, but while Chronos is the time measured quantitatively, Kairos measures the quality of the past time, which has to be “happy”. This happy moment must be swiftly caught over the ever running Kairos – otherwise the happy moment would fly away and couldn’t be caught again.


Kairos travel is a travel organization and a destination company of Croatia. Established in 2009, in Trogir, Kairos Travel has a proven track record of providing the highest quality professional travel services in Croatia, and specially on Trogir Riviera which include: destination management, business travel, F.I.T. & Group travel to measure, accommodation contracting, coach tours, transfers and excursions, special interest tours such as art and history tours, exploring national parks, cruises long the Adriatic cost, adventure travel, rent a car, rent a boat.


The goal of Kairos Travel is to help all of you in catching your happy moment and enjoy it on the beautiful Croatian coastline and countryside. Our mission is to provide a high quality and a professional service in accordance to the needs of our clients.
Travel agency Kairos is an agency specialized in providing accommodation and travel services in Croatia, with a focus on middle Dalmatia and Split & Trogir Riviera. We are really proud to present even our cruises along the most beautiful Mediterranean coastline.
Catching Kairos may give you one happy moment but we hope that Kairos Travel services can give you much more.

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Trogir, Obala Bana Berislavica 23
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